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 Titel: Kølerhjelm.
Indlæg: lør 3. jun 2017 17:10 
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Tilmeldt: søn 15. jun 2014 08:27
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Hej venner .

Nogen der har nogle tricks til at få kølerhjelm op når wire er hoppet af ved "låsen" ???
Og kunne det tænkes at nogle evt kunne finde reservedelsnumre på: låsen og kablet til kølerhjelmen?

På forhånd tak .

God pinse

Hilsen Kevin .

Indlæg: tirs 6. jun 2017 06:46 
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Tilmeldt: tirs 23. nov 2010 15:12
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Vehicle Driven:Mondeo titanium x
Posted 06 January 2013 - 07:22 PM
Hi Folks

just wanted to say thanks for this thread, my bonnet cable snapped on Friday and I replaced it today. What a pig of a job it was. This was the procedure I took

1. Car on ramps and remove undertray (after having to drill out the rusted screws which were a pain in the ar$£ to get out)
2. remove the 2 10mm bolts and flick the catch over (pretty straight forward and quick)
3. removed landing panel cover, airbox, battery and tray, n/s headlight, glovebox (break little switch for light), drop fuse box, pull all cables off locator pegs, remove door seal and trim, pull carpet back, cut slit is sound proofing to locate hole, unscrew lever, remove handle and pull broken cable through
4. feed new cable through from cabin
5. find out you need to undo pump thingy at bulk head
6. pull cable through and route to catch.
7. grease up cable, then add more as £$%& doing this again
8. attach cable to catch and reattach with plate, seat grommit
9. screw handle back on in cabin, resecure all cables on pegs, fit fusebox, carpet, starts raining at this point
10. secure pump thingy at bulk head, refit battery tray, airbox, light, battery
11. back under car and fit tray
12. spend an hour looking for the little spring for the glovebox light, refit

Then cleaning tools because it was manky under there, while the wife tells you how much of a mess youve made. Total time spent doing job was 2 1/2 hours to fit cable and about an hour trying to find spring.

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