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Ford Mondeo Electric Seat Height Adjuster Device


The original electric seat height adjustment device in Ford’s Mondeo (Models 1997-2006) is made of plastic and often breaks. When the plastic teeth strip from the drive, the gear will not turn. The motor continues to buzz but the seat does not move. Ford will have more than £250 only for a completely motor without Assembling.
The small plastic drive gear is not available to buy.

But you can get my solution in a brass version and the drive gear will never destroyed in future. Brass is an special metal for high firmness in comparison to plastic.
The assembling can be done by yourself. The old plastic drive gear must be removed with a tong or small saw and after that a small thread behind must be whet. At the end you must drill a hole for the fixation and assemble the brass gear.
Included with your purchase are written instructions and illustrations to assure completion of this simple do-it-yourself project which can be done in short time.

The brass gear works in both motor types (short and long spindle)!

Contact and help:

Repair manuals for the seat regulation Ford Mondeo

Construction of the brass cogwheel as replacement for the faulty serial plastic cogwheel.

Do not use a cordless screwdriver! Risk of the triggering of the Airbag.


Image description

Image 1 + 2:
First of all, you have to loose the guide rail and the electronic connections under the seat.

Image 3:
Unscrew the seat of the vehicle and lay it on the head in order to have a good access to the seat motor. Here you can see the inverted seat with view and position of the motor spindle unit.

Image 4:
This is the dismantled motor spindle unit. It can be possible that the spindle is longer or shorter, this depends on the year of construction, but the cogwheel is always the same.

Image 5:
3 screws have to be released, in order to open carefully the cap of the worm. (Attention, there can be small pieces, which will be needed!)

Image 6:
The shown cogwheel is damaged and will be replaced by the brass cogwheel.

Image 7:
The old plastic cogwheel can be removed by filing, rasping or removing with the help of a gripper. It can be easier made with a grinder. At the same time, it will be possible to remove directly the old winding which is located under the old cogwheel.
Naturally it is possible to fill by hand or to remove it by an engine lathe.

Image 8:
It should be necessary that the measures of the material remain alike.

Image 9:
First of all push the grommet on the spindle (green arrow on the picture). After you have to push the new brass cogwheel till the end of the grinded area of the spindle. Control the position and the drive direction of the new cogwheel (the yellow arrows are showing the grade which is only be on one side).

Image 10:
Then you have to bore through the cogwheel and through the spindle a whole with a borer of 2,5 mm (blue point image 9) in order to counter sink completely the standardized ferrule and for the reason that it is not possible for the cogwheel to get out of place. (In this picture you can see, that the ferrule is already connected with the spindle)

Image 11:
Here you can see all single components which should be available for the construction.

Image 12:
This is the way how the new cogwheel should be constructed in the gearing of the motor. Please give a little bit fat on the cogwheel, remove the old rest of the old plastic cogwheel (very important) and close and screw the cap. (Do not forget the small metal plate, red arrow).
Build in the motor under the seat and assemble the plug-in connection.

That’s it!

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